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Field Sales Support

for Wine and Spirits 

We deliver measurable results, based on scalable methodologies

Field Sales Support

Distributors and internal sales teams can only cover so much ground. Merchandisers do not have the skill set to assist in selling secondary displays and aren't able forge strong store-level relationships with key managers. 

The Field Marketing Agency has broken the mold and created a super-charged field sales model that allows our clients to increase sales within key sub channels. We deliver a series of ROI-based measures on your behalf:

  • National Coverage

  • Increased Distribution: amplify case sales, displays and product mix at key retailers

  • Retailer Engagement: improve relationships across entire footprint and correct store-level barriers to success

  • Inventory / Planogram Management: maintain stock and avert OOS and Voids in the field

  • Below the line Promotion and Shopper Activation: deliver world-class support of in-store POS and execute any/all shopper engagement to assure increased sales

Our Method

We follow a procedure which enables us to “weight” the value and impact of each account in your base. The three underlying dimensions we use to divide accounts are as follows:

  1. Marginal Income Indexing: Profit per SKU, per account, per retailer category

  2. Volume: Total Movement per SKU, per account, per retailer category

  3. Account Receptiveness: The degree retailers permit POS / Marketing and Display activity within their stores

Account Targeting

We target key sub-channels and accounts that have the largest impact on Marginal Income Index and/or Volume. We have identified the following categories as having the largest promise: Supermarket, Conventional Liquor, Natural Grocery and Superstores. Each of the targeted accounts having the following characteristics:
1. Wide product Mix
2. Great Marginal Income
3. Strong Account Receptiveness (stores are open to new placements, additional case sales/displays)
4. Geographic density/proximity to other strong performing stores

Results that Matter
The FMA has done business in every major retailer across the US since 2015. We’ve staked our reputation and built
our business by being the best partner in securing secondary placements, additional distribution and sustained
sales velocity for our clients.

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