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The FMA Team


We staff high-energy, “brand consistent” Ambassadors that have been trained on a 5 point selling system that we’ve tested and perfected across dozens of companies. Our teams handle all logistics and provide measurable results, with detailed reports on the throughput for each event. 


   Team Members Include:

  • Field Marketing Managers

  • Roadshow Staff

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • In-store Samplers

  • Street Teams

  • Guerrilla "Awareness Marketers"

Our services are simple to use and deliver the most reliable “human-backbone” to your field marketing program.

We train our team of brand ambassadors to learn key aspects of your company and/or product story. We do not staff promotional models. We staff fit, well spoken and high energy reps that are able to learn and recite your core values.

Our Brand Ambassadors are required to try or use each of your products and learn the nuances, so they will be able to share them with your shoppers.


Each of our ambassadors representing food/beverage brands must be able to pass the T.H.R.I.V.E. test!


Health benefits

Rebates (or discounts)


Value versus other brands

Ease of preparation or storage


Brand Ambassador

  • Fully trained, energetic and brand consistent representative

  • Available for set-up and break down of the booth

  • Inventory management


Roadshow Supervision

Costco Management Relations:

  • On site visit prior to roadshow to meet with the location manager to negotiate booth space

  • Evening confirmation of same day sales (per SKU)



  • Pre-show confirmation with merchandise manager at Costco to verify shipment arrival

  • Storage of portable goods necessary for the show

       (tables, cloths, equipment, swag, sampling materials)

  • Access to real time, web-based dashboard and exportable reports

Technical Product Demos and User Training

Leverage the FMA for your new consumer durable, electronic or software launches. Our team of thousands of nationally positioned team members can provide you with the eyes, ears, and know-how to help your product soar upon launch!

Our team can help you in-store, on the road and in any conference setting. We coordinate closely with you to design our user training program and require each of our team members to pass a "demo test" before going into the field. In addition, we create transparency. You have unfettered access to the team and the team leaders to retrieve anecdotal and data-driven feedback directly from the team members responsible for your success. 

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