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There's no need to imagine a reality where you have full visibility into your strengths, weaknesses and hidden opportunities within retail. The FMA can assist you in gathering the data necessary to identify many of these factors today. 

  • Shelf Information / Placement

  • Product Availability

  • Competitive Data

  • Movement Data

  • Pricing Information

  • And much more..

We solve complex problems and exploit opportunities through the use of data 

Data Modeling can assist you in allocating in-store investments

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As part of our commitment to our clients, we deliver ongoing, programmatic guidance and define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to manage the business.


Our program is designed to help you identify your goals and weigh the existing resources of your organization. We work with you and your executive team to build a profitability model that fits into your financial plan, so that you can confidently launch your field marketing program, based on sound data and crystal clear goals.


We help you benchmark your retail execution and field management maturity and we work closely with you to achieve dominance within your retail accounts and your product category 

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