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We deliver measurable results, based on scalable methodologies


Maintaining presence on the shelf is essential to your success. The moment you identify "Voided SKUs", "Out of Stock Product" or "Products out of Code", you need to move quickly. The FMA helps you identify these roadblocks and remedy them through a deep analysis of the potential source of the problem. In some instances, issues are isolated to autonomous behavior within a single retail locations; however, in many cases we may uncover something more systemic within the retail chain or within the supply chain.

Merchandising and Auditing

We manage your shelf space and cooler space across your entire retail footprint. Our services include:

  • Planogram standards compliance 

  • Shelf/Case Organization

  • Encroachmentcompetitor’s products invading your space, both intentional and accidental

  • Blockers: pricing labels, ads, etc. which may or may not be blocking your branding)

  • Sales

  • Inventory

Our Superior Field Technology

  • We capture real time data regarding your shelf space

  • We retrieve ANY information regarding the health of your product within any of your retail locations

  • Reps forge meaningful relationships with local management

  • Our technology gives you real time insights into your competition

Our Superior Back Office Technology

  • Access to dashboards that provide detailed insights into daily activities

  • Hold our field teams accountable to A+ work 

  • Activity tracking with location verification

  • Detailed reporting which includes summaries for planogram audits, competition, inventory and product demonstrations

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